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You-Are-Not-The-Doer: Experiment continous

This is definitely one of the most Mind expending and fascinating experiments I’ve ever done in my life. It’s really staggering what you discover when you start observe yourself like that. Assume the possibility, just for a moment… like 1 minute experiment: “You are not the doer”. Instead: Everything is doing itself, is occurring on its own accord, including you!” I give you my example:

Yesterday… stunned by the sheer beauty of our backyard here in Sedona I realize: “Observation is the highest form of creation.”

What occurs when you observe yourself? Your point of view expands, expands and expands. And the more you observe, observe everything – at the certain point – you suddenly discover that – what you observe (whatever it is)  – it occurs of its own, inclusive your body & your personality! – Everything happens of its own! It is a strong, a very strong discovery. Some mystics call it: God-Shock. You wake up as the Observer and you are in Shock because of what you see: This gigantic dream called “Universe” happens on its own accord and there is no way to separate us from its action & creation. We can only pretend to be separate.

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