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In truth… What are all our troubles anyway?

Going through all the wonderful tweets that I am receiving… there was one, that particularly caught my attention:
“What is your trouble?  –  Mistaken identity. ~Wei Wu Wei

What an answer!  …put bluntly and – what astonished me the most – in just two words:
Mistaken Identity! – Isn’t that anyway, what all our troubles are really about?
Isn’t that exactly same process, Katie speaks about? (see my previous blog post, below)

I attach… believe.. or assume to be true, whatever I am thinking and…
instantaneously I am lost…  lost in a mistaken Identity!
And sometimes – actually most of the time – it happens in a split second.
That’s what astonishes me the most: how fast that goes.
How fast do we die for our mistaken Identities!

“We are born and die in thoughts only.” – Byron Katie

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