Alive… Awake… & Inspired

Touching the Inexhaustible

This Presence, This energy if you will, this substance of your own consciousness is INEXHAUSTIBLE, which means: You are inexhaustible, you are the supreme treasure in all existence.

Master Eckhart: “The Eye with which we see God is the same Eye with which God sees us.” – It’s universal! –  It’s shared universally. – We call it Consciousness.
The revelation is: only that which is eternal=universal has the ability to see, to be aware of anything! Meaning: in our unawakened State we don’t recognize it as such. We think: I am conscious, I am aware, this one particular being here, this person here. Is that so?

What sees in & as me, as you, as everyone – is the Universal Consciousness, the very substance of ultimate reality.