Alive… Awake… & Inspired

Do you remember?

How am I going to interpret what is of transitory nature? …and honestly what is NOT of transitory nature in my life experience? All those things that I am experiencing in life… come to pass, not to stay….

“This too shall pass” – do I remember?
Do… I… Remember  LOVE? …as I am going through all the transitory experiences of my life?

Once touched by this LOVE… I wonder more and more about my daily forgetfulness… getting thirsty more and more.
Once touched by this LOVE… I come back again and again to this place and notice:
It’s always there. It’s always whole. And it’s complete.

Now I remember so clearly & vividly the moment… as this LOVE entered my experience for the very first time:
Never before did I feel being loved so completely…   I saw: it is done. All the love in the Universe…  beyond what we could ever imagine… is already given to us. And I saw: there is not even one thing I can do about that.

Now: how can we forget something like that? We do. We simply do.
And what’s even more shocking: usually we don’t even notice that we forget
…until, like always – by Grace – we suddenly see and: We Remember!

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