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"The Observer-Effect"

It’s fascinating, how something, that can be verified only through our own Experience, (it’s called: “Radical Subjectivity” – see the Works of David Hawkins) – becomes at the same time the very paradigm of New Physics, called “Quantum Physics.”

That’s what “The Observer-Effect” really is. It’s a clear recognition: There is no “World”, without “The Mind” entering it. Each act of Observation effects the Observed. There is no real separation between the two. The Observer and the Observed are already dissolved in the Observation itself, The Seeing itself: The Quantum Field. (See my previous post “Do I understand?”)

I don’t claim to have a scientific understanding of Quantum Physics… But it was and is – indeed – my own mystical experience that shows me, without any scientific training in Quantum Physics, how this new paradigm makes a perfect & total sense. Now, it becomes clear even in terms of quantum physics, what the most ancient teachings are actually saying with: “You are not the Doer”. They are saying: “You are the Observer”, “The ultimate Observer”, “The Witness”.
As much as our entire modern society & civilization with all its social, political and educational institutions is based on that very notion, the notion of personal Doership, as much is our entire modern world an illusion, i.e. only true & relevant to us, as long as we are stuck in the old paradigm of Newtonian Physics, where “Doership” and “Causality” are valid concepts. In the new paradigm – the only “Doer” if you will – is the Universe itself, The Unified Field of Awareness, what our ancestors call “God”. Does this understanding deny that I am still responsible? No. It just reveals how relative, very very relative this notion of personal Doership really is. Actually, it’s exactly like in a dream. Within the dream, we are often fully convinced that what is happening to us is real, and that of course we, as this dream-character, are real. And as long as we don’t leave this paradigm, called “Dream-State”, of course everything is real to us. But then what happens, the moment we wake up from our dream? None of this is real to us. We say: It was just a dream, right? Are you sure? How about this… How if the so called reality, we are waking up to, is also a dream?  Yet another dream, we participate in? Why not? Where is here the measure? And: What is Reality anyway? …I mean, Reality not relatively speaking but really… The Reality?