Alive… Awake… & Inspired

You are not in this Universe

Just to assume that a higher Power of a cosmic destiny takes you over right now, is enough to ignite its perfect enfoldment – if you truly understand the nature of mind, how infinitely powerful the mind is as a universal Principal, the Principal of The Universal. It is not mind looking at a Universe out there, because the Universe you see right now is inside the Mind, inside your own awareness! You The True You, are not in this Universe, somehow lost and disoriented, asking: where do I come from, and thinking I have no clue… and where do I go and this too I think I have no clue… and what is the purpose of all of this – I don’t really know… it seems. Yes it seems. It seems only. The Truth is: You are not in this Universe. This Universe is in You, every single piece of it, including the tiniest molecules and the most distant galaxies, all of it. All of it: You Are. – Arr

Yielding to the Divine

Oh Lord, God-Goddess, Supreme Being of infinite Love
Let me see in every detail of my life your perfect enfoldment
Your swift & gentle guidance – your infinite benevolence and grace
That I may witness ever growing and expending synchronicities taking place as my life
And so extend your very own being and substance to all my sisters and brothers
Through everything, yes, everything – I do and say.
Oh Lord, God-Goddess, Supreme Being of
Infinite Love – I love You.

You are the Seed of God

To understand the mud, to understand the mundane… as confusing as it seems to be at times,

to understand the very purpose of it…

it takes to look and to look deep…

Look deep for the good in it – because in truth:

Everything is working together for our good!

Everything without exception.

And of course… what is included here is your coming back to the mundane!

What? This is for real?


Then… tell me: what is so good about sinking back into the mud of darkness?


You Are So Precious… so precious!

You are the most precious seed in all creation,

For You Are the Seed of God The Self.

And our Gardner, The Master, The Life itself

puts You – the Seed – deep into the soil:

the Earth, the darkness, the womb of creation…

for no other purpose as… for You to grow!

Then… in your darkest moments – you just remember this:

It is for You to grow.

To grow the plant, the most precious one.

The Sacred Plant of Life itself.

We call it: “Sat-Chit-Ananda” – “The Bliss of God.”

So… the very moment your vibration goes down – good news!

Get excited!
Get truly excited.

For What?

For a new birth.
For… you are the Seed of God

put into the rich Soil of Life: the Darkness of infinite potential!

What is God?

What is God?
To me… God is simply “The highest Good”  …my highest Good   …A Glance of Love!

To be in the presence of God
is nothing less than to be in the presence of Your Highest Good. For real!

… to be in a placeless place

of infinite Power: Your Devotion to What matters The Most…

Call it God… call it Allah… call it what ever you want.

So now I give you my Friend…

now I invite You to share here with us THIS:

What matters to You the Most?

(you can write your response in comments – infinite thanks in Advance!)

…    …    …

Are you CLEAR?

What is enfolding as our life is, in reality, coming from the Divinity – always! Though what happens at the same time is this: to us – what is here emerging (as the next face of our journey through life)  is utterly, utterly UNKNOWN! So much so that we feel pretty helpless or even horrified by facing so nakedly the UNKNOWN, that normally the only reaction that we come up with is to bring up all the memories, all the data from the subconscious and project that automatically upon the UNKNOWN!

Would we be fully CLEAR – we would embrace everything what is emerging as our life with one clear and powerful… so powerful sentence: “I love you”.
I love you in this life-experience. “You”? Yes “Me”. I love myself having this life-experience – whatever it is – I love myself. And love what I see, what I hear, what I experience – whatever it is.

So just observe: how much it is actually memory that is coming up and how much are you actually clear, fully clear, being at zero – meeting the purity and divinity of your very existence – of Your Life – Life Divine – emerging IN and AS you?

Touching the Inexhaustible

This Presence, This energy if you will, this substance of your own consciousness is INEXHAUSTIBLE, which means: You are inexhaustible, you are the supreme treasure in all existence.

Master Eckhart: “The Eye with which we see God is the same Eye with which God sees us.” – It’s universal! –  It’s shared universally. – We call it Consciousness.
The revelation is: only that which is eternal=universal has the ability to see, to be aware of anything! Meaning: in our unawakened State we don’t recognize it as such. We think: I am conscious, I am aware, this one particular being here, this person here. Is that so?

What sees in & as me, as you, as everyone – is the Universal Consciousness, the very substance of ultimate reality.

The Unknown is Your Friend

The Unknown is Your Friend. The Unknown represents The Promised Land. Wherever you read about the Promised Land in the Scripture you will notice that it is always empty, there is nothing there. That’s how you know it’s the Promised Land, because when there would be something there, it would block the vision of what is trying to emerge through you. The Promised Land is the Unknown, it represents the field of infinite potential, infinite possibilities, waiting to spring into expression as your very life!”

Michael Beckwith – from iAmplify audio downloads: The Unknown is Your Friend

The Light of the World: Your Imagination

“I am the light of the world.” Do you think another one is speaking? God is speaking. When I say God is speaking I mean your Imagination. Your Imagination is the light of the world. He takes the light to illumine the state and the world outside is only a reflection. It’s an act bearing witness to the state in which I have moved. I move into a state. I remain in that state and cast my shadow on the screen of space. When you say, suppose he does this, or that, you are giving all your power, which rightly belongs to you, to the shadow world where it does not belong.” – Neville Goddard

from Lecture #350 – Neville 02/13/1967

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