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Let action complete itself

“You are not the Doer” – This teaching is to me one of the most profound things I came in touch with, based on my practice and experience with it. And again it was Ramana Maharshi who introduced me to it.

Here is what I found today and was blessed with: An unexpected gift – in pure delight of instant liberation – arriving just “on time” while I am reading in “Talks with Ramana, Part 1”:

“Do not trouble about doing action or otherwise. Know Thyself. Then let us see whose action it is. Whose is it? Let action complete itself. So long as there is the doer he must reap the fruits of his action. If he does not think himself the doer there is no action for him.”

“Actions form no bondage. Bondage is only the false notion. “I am the doer.” Leave off such thoughts and let the body and senses play their role, unimpeded by your interference.”

“What does the Gita say? Arjuna refused to fight. Krishna said, “So long as you refuse to fight, you have the sense of doership. Who are you to refrain or to act? Give up the notion of doership. Until that sense disappears you are bound to act.”

“How to get released from karma? See whose karma it is. You will find you are not the doer.