Alive… Awake… & Inspired

Isn't that amazing?

In my diary, I find a note today, from Monday, December 15 2008:

“I woke up and immediately noticed: there is this peculiar feeling of being awake in another dream. The sense of dreaming is sheer beauty and wonder… Suddenly, I notice, I remember: All this leads to nowhere… is going nowhere: Now-Here. What a trip!
Time disappears. Space disappears: Joy Is. Wonder Is. Infinite Surprise Is.

Imagine… all those things you have undertaken in your life until now, with the hope to arrive somewhere… And after all those adventures were gone, what I was left with was this: nothing happened. That was literally the feeling. I am still here where I always was: nowhere: Now-Here! All these adventures… they seemed to take me to another place and actually the whole journey went utterly, utterly nowhere. Now-Here. Every single of those adventures was over even before it happened. Isn’t that amazing? It’s exactly like in the metaphor from Ramana Maharshi:

“You speak as if you are here, and the Self is somewhere else and you had to go and reach it… …But in fact the Self is here and now, and you are always It. It is like being here and asking people the way to the ashram, then complaining that each one shows a different path and asking which to follow.”

Isn’t that amazing?