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I create? – Experiment continues

What does that mean when we say: I create? In most cases it means something transitory. I create this, I create that, and then… one day… and all those things are gone. Do we ever create what is stable, what is forever? We don’t. It’s as simple as that.

Of course – being every day so busy with our tasks & objectives for life – we don’t recognize this. And so the question remains: What do we really create here?

How about this: We are here not to create the Real – we are here to un-create, to undo within our own perception what is not Real. And this occurs by “Observation”. Our ability to observe ourselves, to be aware that we are aware, to see the REAL – that’s “Creation”. And that’s our instant liberation. In the end – whatever we are going to say here – is pure Paradox. To me, the Paradox turns out to be “the Shape of Truth” – the very nature of Reality. (And whoever wrote “I Ching” knew that.)

So here the Paradox: Observation is Creation and Creation is Observation. They are one. Separate them and they both “become” unreal.