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Eastern? An event in Consciousness

Eastern? – I am pondering… and what comes up is this:
Where is my death and my resurrection? – Not at the end of “my life”, not in 10 years, or 6 months, or 3 weeks, no: Where is it right now? Because if it isn’t NOW, how can I tell for sure, it exists? It’s that simple.

So let’s start. Right now… there is no death, seemingly… but there seems to be a life story, a sense of “me” and “my life”.  – Looking very closely… I ask: What is this sense of “me” and “my life”? – And: Who is observing here?

As soon as this observation takes place, I notice: What is observing and noticing “my story”, “my personality”, isn’t a story, and isn’t a personality. That’s the first discovery.

The second discovery is: what is observing “me” and “my life-story”, this field of awareness, observes everything equally without preference. And it sees: everything, every possible experience – including “my personality” – is occurring of its own… is happening by itself – according to its positionality within the Field. I call this second discovery “Liberation” or “Resurrection” –  and the first one “Death”.

The first discovery is “my death” right here, right now. “Death”?
Yes, it is death: Death by Discovery – not by accident. And paradoxically enough… live goes on…  including “my story”, “my personality”… and yet everything is changed.

The moment I discover my own death – an event in consciousness – I see resurrection everywhere. It’s one of the most peculiar things in life: we can’t see the death ahead, but we discover it as already occurred.

Seeing the death as already happened, we see resurrection occurring everywhere. We see: Everything, literally everything – including our own personalities, – is occurring of its own… is happening by itself – according to its positionality within the Field, the infinite field of Awareness. And everything – seen in this awareness – is resurrected already, is already whole and complete, just the way it is, just the way it exists.

The journey is complete, and yet, it’s always a beginning!

That’s the third discovery or the third step. You remember the tree steps? (see my previous post: “…while meditating”).

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