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Do I understand?

I am still haunted by this remark of Ramana Maharhi (see the post: “What is the Reality of the World?”): “If by the inquiry `Who am I’?  you understand the Seer, all problems about the seen will be completely solved.”

Do I understand the Seer?
While I was pondering about this notion of “Understanding the Seer”, I came across another remark, this time from Nisargadatta Maharaj:

“In fact all is one in essence and related in appearance. In ignorance the seer becomes the seen and in wisdom he is the seeing.”

In ignorance… the seer becomes the seen… We all know this experience, right? Every time, I identify myself with my own opinion (seems normal, right? I mean… who is not?) I get literally lost in it, without even noticing it. We see that all the time in politics: Thousands, oh yes, even millions of people getting lost in their own opinions. So that’s called “Ignorance”.

And “Wisdom”? What would be here “Wisdom”? In Wisdom – We Are The Seeing. Instead of getting lost in the Seen, by identifying myself with it… I recognize: I am the Seeing itself, prior to any notion of the Seer and the Seen. I understand: There is nothing beyond the Seer, or the Self. – What we call the Seen, the apparent world,  is just a mirror-image of our own Identification, a projection of our own notions and opinions. Not the Seeing itself. – In Wisdom, in Seeing itself, there is no world separated from the Seer. In the Seeing, the Seer is understood: The Seer recognizes himself in everything that is seen. The seen & the seer dissolve in the Seeing itself… and what remains… what is Real alone… is the Seeing.

Update: 1/6/2010
Yesterday I found the following quote:
“When you understand, you cannot help but love.”~ Thich Nhat Hanh.
That says everything! …Love is the Power.
And Love is the Seeing!

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