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Do I understand?

I am still haunted by this remark of Ramana Maharhi (see the post: “What is the Reality of the World?”): “If by the inquiry `Who am I’?  you understand the Seer, all problems about the seen will be completely solved.”

Do I understand the Seer?
While I was pondering about this notion of “Understanding the Seer”, I came across another remark, this time from Nisargadatta Maharaj:

“In fact all is one in essence and related in appearance. In ignorance the seer becomes the seen and in wisdom he is the seeing.”

In ignorance… the seer becomes the seen… We all know this experience, right? Every time, I identify myself with my own opinion (seems normal, right? I mean… who is not?) I get literally lost in it, without even noticing it. We see that all the time in politics: Thousands, oh yes, even millions of people getting lost in their own opinions. So that’s called “Ignorance”.

And “Wisdom”? What would be here “Wisdom”? In Wisdom – We Are The Seeing. Instead of getting lost in the Seen, by identifying myself with it… I recognize: I am the Seeing itself, prior to any notion of the Seer and the Seen. I understand: There is nothing beyond the Seer, or the Self. – What we call the Seen, the apparent world,  is just a mirror-image of our own Identification, a projection of our own notions and opinions. Not the Seeing itself. – In Wisdom, in Seeing itself, there is no world separated from the Seer. In the Seeing, the Seer is understood: The Seer recognizes himself in everything that is seen. The seen & the seer dissolve in the Seeing itself… and what remains… what is Real alone… is the Seeing.

Update: 1/6/2010
Yesterday I found the following quote:
“When you understand, you cannot help but love.”~ Thich Nhat Hanh.
That says everything! …Love is the Power.
And Love is the Seeing!

What is the reality of this world?

“What is the reality of this world?” …someone once asked Ramana Maharshi. And he answered:

“If you know your reality first, you will be able to know the reality of the world. It is a strange thing that most people do not care to know about their own reality, but are very anxious to know about the reality of the world. You realize your own Self first and then see if the world exists independently of you and is able to come and assert before you its reality of existence (…) If by the inquiry `Who am I’? you understand the Seer, all problems about the seen will be completely solved.

I love that! – “If you understand the Seer”… yes, just that!  –  If you just understand the Seer… Do I? Do I understand the Seer?
(See my post: Do I understand?)

Isn't that amazing?

In my diary, I find a note today, from Monday, December 15 2008:

“I woke up and immediately noticed: there is this peculiar feeling of being awake in another dream. The sense of dreaming is sheer beauty and wonder… Suddenly, I notice, I remember: All this leads to nowhere… is going nowhere: Now-Here. What a trip!
Time disappears. Space disappears: Joy Is. Wonder Is. Infinite Surprise Is.

Imagine… all those things you have undertaken in your life until now, with the hope to arrive somewhere… And after all those adventures were gone, what I was left with was this: nothing happened. That was literally the feeling. I am still here where I always was: nowhere: Now-Here! All these adventures… they seemed to take me to another place and actually the whole journey went utterly, utterly nowhere. Now-Here. Every single of those adventures was over even before it happened. Isn’t that amazing? It’s exactly like in the metaphor from Ramana Maharshi:

“You speak as if you are here, and the Self is somewhere else and you had to go and reach it… …But in fact the Self is here and now, and you are always It. It is like being here and asking people the way to the ashram, then complaining that each one shows a different path and asking which to follow.”

Isn’t that amazing?

"You-Are-Not-The-Doer" Experiment

I am still haunted by Ramana remarks on “You Are Not the Doer” (see my post “let action complete itself”) and now it becomes like an ongoing experiment – to which I would like to invite you.

Just allow this possibility, this perspective “You Are Not the Doer” for one day – or even for one hour and look, just look what happens. And leave me your comment – I would love to see your feedback here.

“The present difficulty is that the man thinks that he is the doer. But it is a mistake. It is the Higher Power which does everything and the man is only a tool. If he accepts that position he is free from troubles; otherwise he courts them.” – Ramana Maharshi

Returning to my origin

Before grasping for any kind of experience… notice what this grasping does to you. It manifests separation. It proclaims we are not quit yet complete and whole. The pursuit of our goals usually doesn’t give us an immediate and tangible sense of wholeness and completeness of our life as it is right now, right here; usually it seems to promise fulfillment in an imagined future.

Now, do you notice? The central assumption here is that our means, our paths, our goals will lead us to that place, our ultimate place! And of course we believe so much in this assumption, we don’t even notice the most basic and natural state, the state of being alive, in which everything returns to its origin – sustaining the balance of Creation, the “Divine Equilibrium” of all Existence. In this context Ramana Maharshi’s metaphor for Self-Realization makes complete sense to me:

“You speak as if you are here, and the Self is somewhere else and you had to go and reach it… …But in fact the Self is here and now, and you are always It. It is like being here and asking people the way to the ashram, then complaining that each one shows a different path and asking which to follow.”

Why Ramana Maharshi?

Since I know Ramana… my entire outlook on life changed so drastically… even now, 8 years later, I am still recognizing all the ramifications it has for me to this very day. Now – to recognize that – is one thing. To be able to express it – is another. And then to share it – yet another one.

That’s how this blog comes now to life… through me awakening to the Magic of Sharing (MS) otherwise known as SMN (Social Media Networks) – a joke? No.. it’s just a beginning!

Let action complete itself

“You are not the Doer” – This teaching is to me one of the most profound things I came in touch with, based on my practice and experience with it. And again it was Ramana Maharshi who introduced me to it.

Here is what I found today and was blessed with: An unexpected gift – in pure delight of instant liberation – arriving just “on time” while I am reading in “Talks with Ramana, Part 1”:

“Do not trouble about doing action or otherwise. Know Thyself. Then let us see whose action it is. Whose is it? Let action complete itself. So long as there is the doer he must reap the fruits of his action. If he does not think himself the doer there is no action for him.”

“Actions form no bondage. Bondage is only the false notion. “I am the doer.” Leave off such thoughts and let the body and senses play their role, unimpeded by your interference.”

“What does the Gita say? Arjuna refused to fight. Krishna said, “So long as you refuse to fight, you have the sense of doership. Who are you to refrain or to act? Give up the notion of doership. Until that sense disappears you are bound to act.”

“How to get released from karma? See whose karma it is. You will find you are not the doer.

An unexpected gift!

Today I found a note.
And this one note turned my life today into pure peace and delight.

“It is false to speak of realization.
What is there to realize ?
The real is as it is, ever.
How to realize it ?
All that is required is this. We have realized the unreal, i.e., regarded as real what is unreal. We have to give up this attitude. That is all that is required for us to attain jnana (Enlightenment or Self-Knowledge). We are not creating anything new or achieving something which we did not have before.” – Ramana Maharshi

Profound and yet so simple. His message touches my heart to this very day…  is perhaps anyway the most profound message I’ve ever heard.