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"The Observer-Effect"

It’s fascinating, how something, that can be verified only through our own Experience, (it’s called: “Radical Subjectivity” – see the Works of David Hawkins) – becomes at the same time the very paradigm of New Physics, called “Quantum Physics.”

That’s what “The Observer-Effect” really is. It’s a clear recognition: There is no “World”, without “The Mind” entering it. Each act of Observation effects the Observed. There is no real separation between the two. The Observer and the Observed are already dissolved in the Observation itself, The Seeing itself: The Quantum Field. (See my previous post “Do I understand?”)

I don’t claim to have a scientific understanding of Quantum Physics… But it was and is – indeed – my own mystical experience that shows me, without any scientific training in Quantum Physics, how this new paradigm makes a perfect & total sense. Now, it becomes clear even in terms of quantum physics, what the most ancient teachings are actually saying with: “You are not the Doer”. They are saying: “You are the Observer”, “The ultimate Observer”, “The Witness”.
As much as our entire modern society & civilization with all its social, political and educational institutions is based on that very notion, the notion of personal Doership, as much is our entire modern world an illusion, i.e. only true & relevant to us, as long as we are stuck in the old paradigm of Newtonian Physics, where “Doership” and “Causality” are valid concepts. In the new paradigm – the only “Doer” if you will – is the Universe itself, The Unified Field of Awareness, what our ancestors call “God”. Does this understanding deny that I am still responsible? No. It just reveals how relative, very very relative this notion of personal Doership really is. Actually, it’s exactly like in a dream. Within the dream, we are often fully convinced that what is happening to us is real, and that of course we, as this dream-character, are real. And as long as we don’t leave this paradigm, called “Dream-State”, of course everything is real to us. But then what happens, the moment we wake up from our dream? None of this is real to us. We say: It was just a dream, right? Are you sure? How about this… How if the so called reality, we are waking up to, is also a dream?  Yet another dream, we participate in? Why not? Where is here the measure? And: What is Reality anyway? …I mean, Reality not relatively speaking but really… The Reality?

Do I understand?

I am still haunted by this remark of Ramana Maharhi (see the post: “What is the Reality of the World?”): “If by the inquiry `Who am I’?  you understand the Seer, all problems about the seen will be completely solved.”

Do I understand the Seer?
While I was pondering about this notion of “Understanding the Seer”, I came across another remark, this time from Nisargadatta Maharaj:

“In fact all is one in essence and related in appearance. In ignorance the seer becomes the seen and in wisdom he is the seeing.”

In ignorance… the seer becomes the seen… We all know this experience, right? Every time, I identify myself with my own opinion (seems normal, right? I mean… who is not?) I get literally lost in it, without even noticing it. We see that all the time in politics: Thousands, oh yes, even millions of people getting lost in their own opinions. So that’s called “Ignorance”.

And “Wisdom”? What would be here “Wisdom”? In Wisdom – We Are The Seeing. Instead of getting lost in the Seen, by identifying myself with it… I recognize: I am the Seeing itself, prior to any notion of the Seer and the Seen. I understand: There is nothing beyond the Seer, or the Self. – What we call the Seen, the apparent world,  is just a mirror-image of our own Identification, a projection of our own notions and opinions. Not the Seeing itself. – In Wisdom, in Seeing itself, there is no world separated from the Seer. In the Seeing, the Seer is understood: The Seer recognizes himself in everything that is seen. The seen & the seer dissolve in the Seeing itself… and what remains… what is Real alone… is the Seeing.

Update: 1/6/2010
Yesterday I found the following quote:
“When you understand, you cannot help but love.”~ Thich Nhat Hanh.
That says everything! …Love is the Power.
And Love is the Seeing!

Get excited…

Get excited about your heart, about your dreams.
Don’t imprison your imagination with limiting conditions – See the Vision every single day… the Juice of it…  the Power of it…  a heartfelt force of nature in your chest moving you spontaneously to act, to create, to write, to dream, to live who you are NOW, yes, right now!

I create? – Experiment continues

What does that mean when we say: I create? In most cases it means something transitory. I create this, I create that, and then… one day… and all those things are gone. Do we ever create what is stable, what is forever? We don’t. It’s as simple as that.

Of course – being every day so busy with our tasks & objectives for life – we don’t recognize this. And so the question remains: What do we really create here?

How about this: We are here not to create the Real – we are here to un-create, to undo within our own perception what is not Real. And this occurs by “Observation”. Our ability to observe ourselves, to be aware that we are aware, to see the REAL – that’s “Creation”. And that’s our instant liberation. In the end – whatever we are going to say here – is pure Paradox. To me, the Paradox turns out to be “the Shape of Truth” – the very nature of Reality. (And whoever wrote “I Ching” knew that.)

So here the Paradox: Observation is Creation and Creation is Observation. They are one. Separate them and they both “become” unreal.

You-Are-Not-The-Doer: Experiment continous

This is definitely one of the most Mind expending and fascinating experiments I’ve ever done in my life. It’s really staggering what you discover when you start observe yourself like that. Assume the possibility, just for a moment… like 1 minute experiment: “You are not the doer”. Instead: Everything is doing itself, is occurring on its own accord, including you!” I give you my example:

Yesterday… stunned by the sheer beauty of our backyard here in Sedona I realize: “Observation is the highest form of creation.”

What occurs when you observe yourself? Your point of view expands, expands and expands. And the more you observe, observe everything – at the certain point – you suddenly discover that – what you observe (whatever it is)  – it occurs of its own, inclusive your body & your personality! – Everything happens of its own! It is a strong, a very strong discovery. Some mystics call it: God-Shock. You wake up as the Observer and you are in Shock because of what you see: This gigantic dream called “Universe” happens on its own accord and there is no way to separate us from its action & creation. We can only pretend to be separate.

What a gift!

In one of my last blog posts I was mentioning my Friend & Teacher in Philosophy, Willi (Wilfrid Jeansch). Meeting Willi 14 years ago was for me like meeting Sokrates: instant death of each and every notion, into one single attitude: “I know that I don’t know”.

Thank you Willi! – I can not imagine having a better friend & teacher in Philosophy. It was such a joy and delight today to read one of your latest writings: “If you do not wish to stay on Earth”. What touched me much – very much so – is the Beauty and the Strength of your Message…  especially the following passage – in my eyes – a masterpiece of Literature and Philosophy (for my spontaneous translation in english – look below).

„Im Rückblick auf mein langes Leben sehe ich folgende Landschaft, beleuchtet von den Sätzen der Vernunft. Jede Begierde wird gestillt. Jede Sehnsucht wird erfüllt. Jede Leidenschaft wird befriedigt. Ist das nicht schön? Aber nicht auf der Erde. Solange ich erwarte, dass die Erde und ihre Bevölkerung meine Begierde stillt, wird mein Leben zur Hölle der Entbehrung. Aus dem Licht der Erde erhebt sich der Schrei der Begierde. Die Erde schreit nach dem, was ihr gut tut. Der Schrei richtet sich an die Welt dort draußen. An das Weltganze. Schreiend offenbart die Erde, dass die Güte aus dem Weltganzen erwartet wird. Und die Erwartung der Erde hat sich erfüllt. Ihre Leidenschaft wurde befriedigt. Wer hat es getan? Du.

Aus dem Ganzen der Welt, das du selber bist, hast du den Schrei der Erde gehört. Und du bist gekommen. Deine Anwesenheit auf der Erde ist die Erfüllung ihrer Sehnsucht. Deshalb sage ich mit Wärme: Deine Begierde wird von der Erde nie gestillt. Warum? Weil du es bist, der die Begierde der Erde stillt. Ihr Glück ist ihre Vereinigung mit dem Weltganzen. Diese Vereinigung bist du selbst.“

Dein Sonnenvater Wilfrid Jaensch
am 37. Geburtstag von Annalise Braakensiek, Deine Sonnenmutter in Australien.

Translation in English:

“Looking back at my long life what I see is the following “Landscape”, illuminated by the infinite Mind. Each desire, each longing will be fulfilled. Each passion satisfied. Isn’t that beautiful? But not on Earth. As long as I expect the Earth and her population to satisfy my desires, my life becomes a craving hell. From the Light of Earth rises the shout of desire and lust. Earth’s shout is her longing for goodness taking place. Her shout is directed to the world, the universe, the Whole. Shouting reveals the Earth: Goodness is expected here on this planet. And her expectation has been fulfilled, her passion satisfied. Who did it? You did it.

Coming from the Wholeness of the Universe: Yourself – you’ve listened and responded to the shout of the Earth. And you came. Your presence on this Earth is the fulfillment of her longing. Therefore I say with love: Your longing will never be fulfilled – if you expect the Earth to do that for you. Why? Because You Are the one, who quenches Earth’s longing! Her happiness is her Union with the Universe. And You Are That. You Are that Union.”

Thank You Willi – Arr (Andrzej Wojnicz)

Willi’s Website:
Will’s Blog:

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