Alive… Awake… & Inspired

You are not in this Universe

Just to assume that a higher Power of a cosmic destiny takes you over right now, is enough to ignite its perfect enfoldment – if you truly understand the nature of mind, how infinitely powerful the mind is as a universal Principal, the Principal of The Universal. It is not mind looking at a Universe out there, because the Universe you see right now is inside the Mind, inside your own awareness! You The True You, are not in this Universe, somehow lost and disoriented, asking: where do I come from, and thinking I have no clue… and where do I go and this too I think I have no clue… and what is the purpose of all of this – I don’t really know… it seems. Yes it seems. It seems only. The Truth is: You are not in this Universe. This Universe is in You, every single piece of it, including the tiniest molecules and the most distant galaxies, all of it. All of it: You Are. – Arr

You are the Seed of God

To understand the mud, to understand the mundane… as confusing as it seems to be at times,

to understand the very purpose of it…

it takes to look and to look deep…

Look deep for the good in it – because in truth:

Everything is working together for our good!

Everything without exception.

And of course… what is included here is your coming back to the mundane!

What? This is for real?


Then… tell me: what is so good about sinking back into the mud of darkness?


You Are So Precious… so precious!

You are the most precious seed in all creation,

For You Are the Seed of God The Self.

And our Gardner, The Master, The Life itself

puts You – the Seed – deep into the soil:

the Earth, the darkness, the womb of creation…

for no other purpose as… for You to grow!

Then… in your darkest moments – you just remember this:

It is for You to grow.

To grow the plant, the most precious one.

The Sacred Plant of Life itself.

We call it: “Sat-Chit-Ananda” – “The Bliss of God.”

So… the very moment your vibration goes down – good news!

Get excited!
Get truly excited.

For What?

For a new birth.
For… you are the Seed of God

put into the rich Soil of Life: the Darkness of infinite potential!

What is God?

What is God?
To me… God is simply “The highest Good”  …my highest Good   …A Glance of Love!

To be in the presence of God
is nothing less than to be in the presence of Your Highest Good. For real!

… to be in a placeless place

of infinite Power: Your Devotion to What matters The Most…

Call it God… call it Allah… call it what ever you want.

So now I give you my Friend…

now I invite You to share here with us THIS:

What matters to You the Most?

(you can write your response in comments – infinite thanks in Advance!)

…    …    …

Are you CLEAR?

What is enfolding as our life is, in reality, coming from the Divinity – always! Though what happens at the same time is this: to us – what is here emerging (as the next face of our journey through life)  is utterly, utterly UNKNOWN! So much so that we feel pretty helpless or even horrified by facing so nakedly the UNKNOWN, that normally the only reaction that we come up with is to bring up all the memories, all the data from the subconscious and project that automatically upon the UNKNOWN!

Would we be fully CLEAR – we would embrace everything what is emerging as our life with one clear and powerful… so powerful sentence: “I love you”.
I love you in this life-experience. “You”? Yes “Me”. I love myself having this life-experience – whatever it is – I love myself. And love what I see, what I hear, what I experience – whatever it is.

So just observe: how much it is actually memory that is coming up and how much are you actually clear, fully clear, being at zero – meeting the purity and divinity of your very existence – of Your Life – Life Divine – emerging IN and AS you?

The Unknown is Your Friend

The Unknown is Your Friend. The Unknown represents The Promised Land. Wherever you read about the Promised Land in the Scripture you will notice that it is always empty, there is nothing there. That’s how you know it’s the Promised Land, because when there would be something there, it would block the vision of what is trying to emerge through you. The Promised Land is the Unknown, it represents the field of infinite potential, infinite possibilities, waiting to spring into expression as your very life!”

Michael Beckwith – from iAmplify audio downloads: The Unknown is Your Friend

purifying my thoughts

Assume Always The Best… The Divine:
It’s my constant practice of purifying my every thought.
The question is always:
What is here, in this situation, in front of this person the highest thought?

The moment we are truly 100% willing to own and embody in us the Bodhisatva, The very Presence and Radiance of Existence, we realize that everything lies in the purity of our thoughts, EVERYTHING: the whole World of Manifestation.

Who is thinking through me?
What is thinking through me?
Beloved Spirit, my True Beloved
YOU show me the Way
YOU show me the Truth no psychic medium can ever reveal
YOU give me my Everything.
Everything I need to know, to become and to share.
That’s True Marriage, our infinite Marriage with the Spirit of God: our purest thoughts merging with the Depths of the Unknown, our True Lover, Supreme Being of infinite Love.

Beloved Spirit, give me Your Thoughts about me, about everything I perceive, that I may walk in Your Holy Sight and Vision, the Highest Vision of my Life, being joyful and blissful extension of Your Infinite Being.

This is my request to You:
Let me live this life purely and only from extending your very being to all my brothers and sisters in creation, extending through every word of my mouth. Let me live this life from THAT only – always remembering what Jesus once said, once and for all: “be concerned the most with what comes out of your mouth, not that much with what comes in, what you shall eat and drink. For this will be added unto you as you seek first The Kingdom” –  The Kingdom of God: the purity of my own Mind.

One Quest – every single day of my life, the question:
What is here my highest caring – for this being, this person, this situation, this whatever I may encounter in this life?

That’s such a tremendous jump into a whole new realm and paradigm of existence. So simple and yet so powerful to see:

The higher power is always so close, just one thought away, one purified thought – and there you go and enter the Holy Sight of your Beloved, A Grace –  so pure: What does my Eternal Lover think about this?
About this person, this situation, this what ever?

That’s our keys to the Heavens, The realm of the Ever Expending Good, right now, right here… so close… just one thought away.

Never ever again – even for a moment – engage in
one bad thought about another being or circumstance. Release this poison forever from your Sight and Being.

Meeting The Mother

In the woods, I touched the Mother.
First, I noticed her – in a way – so sudden, so unexpected… How could  I ever not see her…. not see how obvious, how physically obvious She is: the very ground beneath my feet! And where does that ground go? All around the Globe – right? One Globe, One Body, One Being, One Presence.

Mother, infuse me with the Strength of infinite humility. For I know nothing. Emerging from the mud of ignorance, still blinded, I ask you Mother, give me your holy Sight. I long for essence, not appearance. I fooled myself enough, more than enough.
I long to see the Truth, clear like a Day, brilliant like the Sun, open like a Lotus-flower shining above the mud. Beloved Mother, My Earth, give me your Holy Sight.

What a marvelous state to live in

“All things are in a state of silent rejoicing that their consciousness is an experience of Divinity. Unique to all things is still, ever-present gratitude that it has been granted the gift of experiencing the presence of God. This gratitude is the form in which worship is expressed. All that is created and has existence shares in reflecting the Glory of God”

(from: D. Hawkins, “The Eye of the I, from which nothing is hidden”.)

Abode of infinite Power

I am reading yet again the works of David Hawkins and I am stunned by the Power and the Beauty of his message:

“In the ordinary world, only surfaces of things can be touched, but in the Presence it is the innermost essence of everything that is interspersed with every other thing. This touch, which is the Hand of God in its soft gentleness, is at the same time an expression and the abode of infinite power.”

(from: D. Hawkins, “The Eye of the I, from which nothing is hidden”.)

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