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A wondrous Enfolding

Yesterday, as I was participating in the first Agape-University Class accessible online, led by Michael Beckwith… I noticed this one sentence… that just kept coming back to me again and again. It went so deep within…  that no matter what I do… I am constantly pulled back to reflect upon that… to contemplate that.

The sentence goes like this:
“….so that progressively a personal sense of a life apart from the Presence of God dissolves!”

And simultaneously I start to observe, very closely if there is a sense of my life being apart from the Life of God.

I went to the woods and was paying close attention to that, at the same time enjoying my walk in the sunshine though the woods…. asking myself: Is there any sense of me having a life apart from the Life itself, from God?

What came up was this sudden and very precise and vivid awareness noticing: there is only a habit of thought “I am human”, “I am Andrzej,” “I am separate”… yet deeper than that… there is this Inexhaustible Substance of Life itself, this wondrous enfolding of Life Divine and there is no separation whatsoever.

All the sense of having a separate life from the Infinite, from God, from the Totality of life vanished. And Andrzej was looking beneath his feet at roots meandering around lime-stones and small plants and all there was, was this unifying field of awareness in complete awe at the marvelous ability of the human mind (“Andrzej” standing there and looking beneath his feet at the ground) that perceives and conceives that which is Universal forever – Life itself! – enfolding as rocks, lime-stones, meandering root-systems, grasses & plants… and lo and behold as human beings!

I saw how all of nature was in pure adoration of this One Mind capable of conceiving the Universal, the Life of God, pulsating everywhere. There was only this One Mind, The Mind of God expressing itself as this human being looking down to the ground, to myself, The Self, being present everywhere. What a dance, What a joy, what a self-existent bliss… and such a gratitude… such a tremendous gratitude for this gift, the gift of Life itself.

Thank you Michael !  –  Thank you Agape !!!

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