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A glance of conceiving the Divine

Newly I was listening to the newest audio-program from David Hawkins on “Healing” and there I came across something quite staggering. It was his answer to the question: what advances the most our consciousness? He says then, he has always one and only one advice, that he gives each time he is asked for: “Be as much loving as you possibly can towards all of life and all of its expressions.” – Isn’t that interesting? As obvious this answer may seem, I find it still quite staggering. Why? Because the answer doesn’t point to a certain method or technique at all. Rather is says: all of our methods are futile unless they become our authentic way of  loving – of being loving towards all of Life and all of its expressions! And today again I was so staggered by the significance of such an answer as I received the following understanding:

Today, there was a sudden illumination and revealed understanding that in God-Consciousness, in The Supreme Being of Love, there is no division whatsoever and therefore…  alone perfect equality to all things and beings is the One and Only attitude of the Divine… that Oneness in its reality and entirety can’t function other than this perfect equality towards all things and all beings. This revelation happened as I was reading in Sri Aurobindo “Synthesis of Yoga” the following page:

“All things here are the one and indivisible eternal transcendent and cosmic Brahman that is in its seeming divided in things and creatures; in seeming only, for in truth it is always one and equal in all things and creatures and the division is only a phenomenon of the surface.”

“Attaining to a perfect equality in the soul, mind and heart, we realize our true self of oneness, one with all beings, one too with That which expresses itself in them and in all that we see and experience. This equality and this oneness are the indispensable twin foundation we must lay down for a divine being, a divine consciousness, a divine action. Not one with all, we are not spiritual, not divine. Not equal-souled to all things, happenings and creatures, we cannot see spiritually, cannot know divinely, cannot feel divinely towards others. The Supreme Power, the one Eternal and Infinite is equal to all things and to all beings; and because it is equal, it can act with an absolute wisdom according to the truth of its works and its force and according to the truth of each thing and of every creature.”

From “Synthesis of Yoga” – P. 95

The supreme result of human transformation:
To be exalted into an identity… with the Divine Shakti,  to feel a dynamic movement…
luminously conceived and evolved in an immortal self-delight and an infinite self-knowledge.

“Synthesis of Yoga” – P. 101

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