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It has no limits

Oneness is abundance, it has no limits” – Orland Bishop

Yes, the only thing that has no limits is Oneness.

The moment we see everything being the One, the richness of this One turns out to have no limits, turns out to be Infinite.

For within the One – any perception of lack turns out to be nothing but narrowness of our viewpoint. Would our view include everything being the One, there would be more than enough answers, more than enough resources, more than enough supply.

into the Divine Dark

All that we see as this universe is memory; in reality we are always at ZERO, always capable of purity.

When love has carried us above all things into the Divine Dark, there we are transformed by the Eternal Word Who is the image of the Father; and as the air is penetrated by the sun, thus we receive in peace the Incomprehensible Light, enfolding us, and penetrating us.’ ~Evelyn Underhill (Ruysbroech)