Alive… Awake… & Inspired

An Impulse towards Things Divine

Reading Sri Aurobindo..
. what he has to say about the Soul….
It’s to me like… I would never know this term before… know in such pristine and all-beautiful shape of Divine Understanding.

“It is in the true invisible heart hidden in some luminous cave of the nature: there under some infiltration of the divine Light is our soul, a silent inmost being of which few are even aware; for if all have a soul, few are conscious of their true soul or feel its direct impulse. There dwells the little spark of the Divine which supports the obscure mass of our nature and around it grows the psychic being, the formed soul or the real Man within us. It is as this psychic being in him grows and the movements of the heart reflect its divinations and impulsions that man becomes more and more aware of his soul, ceases to be a superior animal and, awakening to glimpses of the godhead within him, admits more and more its intimations of a deeper life and consciousness and an impulse towards things divine.”

From: “Synthesis of Yoga”, p. 150 – For more please visit here “Sri Aurobindo Studies” page,  or download yourself for free “The Synthesis of Yoga” from the homepage of the Ashram of Sri Aurobindo.

Love of the Immanent Divine

Over the last weekend I met Amma (Mātā Amritanandamayī Devī) and what I received from her along with all the other blessings was this one single teaching: No one of us can be lifted up to the divine Realm of The Self without realizing equality towards all beings and all things. Even the tiniest creature cannot be left out – must be included and honored as the Divine itself, God The Self, One and Only Self that there is.

She says: “Before you can enter there, even an ant have to agree and sign up for you”. Since then… this teaching doesn’t leave me… As simple as it is, it seems to me the most remarkable teaching I ever received.

So… that’s our Entry, the entry into our own divine Nature: God The Self. The One and Only Self that there is. And if we would skip even one thing, even one being we wouldn’t be able to enter!

So now – in the light of this understanding – what does that really mean that there is no separate entity, no separate “me”, apart from God, from Life itself, God The Self? What does that really really mean? – Could it be that we – as humans – are so completely deluded? …believing everyone of us has a self of its own? That this is even a possibility – the possibility of multiple selves?   …where in reality there is only One. One Self. One and Only Self that there is.

In the light of this understanding… who am I – I mean really – who am I, from this perspective? From the perspective of The Self?  One and Only Self that there is? From this perspective I am equal. That’s it. No more, no less. From this perspective I am equal to every thing and every being because from this perspective all I can see is the absolute indivisibility of The Self, where no aspect, no attribute, no quality can be left out. Here I see that nothing in the entire existence contains The Self while everything is expressing it in its own unique way. And although the expressions differ from each other tremendously, from the perspective of The Self no expression is more important than the other! All expressions are equal and inseparable to The Self, to God The Self.

Without this equality towards all beings and all things we would never be able to enter the divine Realm of The Self, to recognize The Self in its true nature as being literally, literally everywhere,  where like Sri Aurobindo says “all things become bodies and all movements the playings of the divine Beloved in his infinite house of pleasure.”

To live as The One and Only Self that there is in all existence and non-existence equals an infinite Self-discovery and Self-Adventure… where all the aspects, attributes and qualities I come across in my vast and infinite life-adventure belong to One and Only Being, to The One and Only Being in the entire existence: God The Self.

Isn’t that astounding that the very faculty that we call “the Self” – belongs to the Divine only? If it belongs to anything else…  it is delusional. It has to be!

Usually we think there are many… many selves… There are probably innumerable selves in the entire existence. Suddenly to realize there is only One – literally only One Self – is quite astounding. There is only One Self. Everything else, every other “self” is… has to be delusional!

And yet this very delusion, the delusion of an individual self experiencing an individual love is simultaneously the most mysterious phenomenon in our human existence.

“For there is, concealed behind individual love, obscured by its ignorant human figure, a mystery which the mind cannot seize, the mystery of the body of the Divine, the secret of a mystic form of the Infinite which we can approach only through the ecstasy of the heart and the passion of the pure and sublimated sense, and its attraction which is the call of the divine Flute-player, the mastering compulsion of the All-Beautiful, can only be seized and seize us through an occult love and yearning which in the end makes one the Form and the Formless, and identifies Spirit and Matter. It is that which the spirit in Love is seeking here in the darkness of the Ignorance and it is that which it finds when individual human love is changed into the love of the Immanent Divine incarnate in the material universe.” – Sri Aurobindo, from “The Synthesis of Yoga” p. 160

A wondrous Enfolding

Yesterday, as I was participating in the first Agape-University Class accessible online, led by Michael Beckwith… I noticed this one sentence… that just kept coming back to me again and again. It went so deep within…  that no matter what I do… I am constantly pulled back to reflect upon that… to contemplate that.

The sentence goes like this:
“….so that progressively a personal sense of a life apart from the Presence of God dissolves!”

And simultaneously I start to observe, very closely if there is a sense of my life being apart from the Life of God.

I went to the woods and was paying close attention to that, at the same time enjoying my walk in the sunshine though the woods…. asking myself: Is there any sense of me having a life apart from the Life itself, from God?

What came up was this sudden and very precise and vivid awareness noticing: there is only a habit of thought “I am human”, “I am Andrzej,” “I am separate”… yet deeper than that… there is this Inexhaustible Substance of Life itself, this wondrous enfolding of Life Divine and there is no separation whatsoever.

All the sense of having a separate life from the Infinite, from God, from the Totality of life vanished. And Andrzej was looking beneath his feet at roots meandering around lime-stones and small plants and all there was, was this unifying field of awareness in complete awe at the marvelous ability of the human mind (“Andrzej” standing there and looking beneath his feet at the ground) that perceives and conceives that which is Universal forever – Life itself! – enfolding as rocks, lime-stones, meandering root-systems, grasses & plants… and lo and behold as human beings!

I saw how all of nature was in pure adoration of this One Mind capable of conceiving the Universal, the Life of God, pulsating everywhere. There was only this One Mind, The Mind of God expressing itself as this human being looking down to the ground, to myself, The Self, being present everywhere. What a dance, What a joy, what a self-existent bliss… and such a gratitude… such a tremendous gratitude for this gift, the gift of Life itself.

Thank you Michael !  –  Thank you Agape !!!


dedicated to Michael Beckwith & Sri Aurobindo

To rise up from the lower harmonics
To wake up to the Eternal
To The Life Divine
Is our mission here on Planet Earth.

We came here NOT
To lower and sacrifice our integrity
Our eternal dignity
The Dignity of The Radiant Universal

We came here imbued with a Cosmic Destiny
To enfold and reveal a New Species on this Earth
A new humanity

Now we are here
And now is time
For us to rise up
To own and embody
The Heaven on Earth
To reveal a new humanity:
Celestial Body of The Christ Incarnated.

Arr – 22 September 2010

A glance of conceiving the Divine

Newly I was listening to the newest audio-program from David Hawkins on “Healing” and there I came across something quite staggering. It was his answer to the question: what advances the most our consciousness? He says then, he has always one and only one advice, that he gives each time he is asked for: “Be as much loving as you possibly can towards all of life and all of its expressions.” – Isn’t that interesting? As obvious this answer may seem, I find it still quite staggering. Why? Because the answer doesn’t point to a certain method or technique at all. Rather is says: all of our methods are futile unless they become our authentic way of  loving – of being loving towards all of Life and all of its expressions! And today again I was so staggered by the significance of such an answer as I received the following understanding:

Today, there was a sudden illumination and revealed understanding that in God-Consciousness, in The Supreme Being of Love, there is no division whatsoever and therefore…  alone perfect equality to all things and beings is the One and Only attitude of the Divine… that Oneness in its reality and entirety can’t function other than this perfect equality towards all things and all beings. This revelation happened as I was reading in Sri Aurobindo “Synthesis of Yoga” the following page:

“All things here are the one and indivisible eternal transcendent and cosmic Brahman that is in its seeming divided in things and creatures; in seeming only, for in truth it is always one and equal in all things and creatures and the division is only a phenomenon of the surface.”

“Attaining to a perfect equality in the soul, mind and heart, we realize our true self of oneness, one with all beings, one too with That which expresses itself in them and in all that we see and experience. This equality and this oneness are the indispensable twin foundation we must lay down for a divine being, a divine consciousness, a divine action. Not one with all, we are not spiritual, not divine. Not equal-souled to all things, happenings and creatures, we cannot see spiritually, cannot know divinely, cannot feel divinely towards others. The Supreme Power, the one Eternal and Infinite is equal to all things and to all beings; and because it is equal, it can act with an absolute wisdom according to the truth of its works and its force and according to the truth of each thing and of every creature.”

From “Synthesis of Yoga” – P. 95

The supreme result of human transformation:
To be exalted into an identity… with the Divine Shakti,  to feel a dynamic movement…
luminously conceived and evolved in an immortal self-delight and an infinite self-knowledge.

“Synthesis of Yoga” – P. 101

The beauty of surrendering to the Divinity

I am reading day and night in Sri Aurobindo “Synthesis of Yoga” – it’s the greatest reading and transforming adventure I embarked on so far in my life – it’s pure bliss and rapture, almost every single page of his works. Here is an example:

“Every moment and every movement of our being is to be resolved into a continuous and a devoted self-giving to the Eternal. All our actions, not less the smallest and most ordinary and trifling than the greatest and most uncommon and noble, must be performed as consecrated acts. Our individualised nature must live in the single consciousness of an inner and outer movement dedicated to Something that is beyond us and greater than our ego. No matter what the gift or to whom it is presented by us, there must be a consciousness in the act that we are presenting it to the one divine Being in all beings. Our commonest or most grossly material actions must assume this sublimated character; when we eat, we should be conscious that we are giving our food to that Presence in us; it must be a sacred offering in a temple and the sense of a mere physical need or self-gratification must pass away from us. In any great labour, in any high discipline, in any difficult or noble enterprise, whether undertaken for ourselves, for others or for the race, it will no longer be possible to stop short at the idea of the race, of ourselves or of others. The thing we are doing must be consciously offered as a sacrifice of works, not to these, but either through them or directly to the One Godhead; the Divine Inhabitant who was hidden by these figures must be no longer hidden but ever present to our soul, our mind, our sense. The workings and results of our acts must be put in the hands of that One in the feeling that that Presence is the Infinite and Most High by whom alone our labour and our aspiration are possible. For in his being all takes place; for him all labour and aspiration are taken from us by Nature and offered on his altar. Even in those things in which Nature is herself very plainly the worker and we only the witnesses of her working and its containers and supporters, there should be the same constant memory and insistent consciousness of a work and of its divine Master. Our very inspiration and respiration, our very heart-beats can and must be made conscious in us as the living rhythm of the universal sacrifice.” P. 111

Intimate with the Divine

“There must awake in us a constant indwelling and enveloping nearness, a vivid perception, a close feeling and communion, a concrete sense and contact of a true and infinite Presence always and everywhere. That Presence must remain with us as the living, pervading Reality in which we and all things exist and move and act, and we must feel it always and everywhere, concrete, visible, inhabiting all things; it must be patent to us as their true Self, tangible as their imperishable Essence, met by us closely as their inmost Spirit. To see, to feel, to sense, to contact in every way and not merely to conceive this Self and Spirit here in all existences and to feel with the same vividness all existences in this Self and Spirit, is the fundamental experience which must englobe all other knowledge.” – Sri Aurobindo, from “Synthesis of Yoga” p. 115

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