Alive… Awake… & Inspired

Life, The Inexhaustible

The moment I want to keep, to keep anything… an insight, a revelation, any good that comes my way… is the moment where I die… die to the awareness of who I really am: The Inexhaustible! The inexhaustible Givingness of the Spirit. In those moments where I fall back into Identification with the Ego, with the Particular, The separate Being, I cease to see who I am, because I cease to give, because I cease to share, to share what belongs to the Universe: my life, the Inexhaustible, The Universal.

To keep my life is to loose my life… is to die to my true nature: The Universal. To give my life, to share my life is to be awaken to the Truth, my true infinite nature: The Inexhaustible. Because that’s what my true nature does: it gives itself with no withholds, it shares itself, with no limits whatsoever. That’s why it’s called: The Inexhaustible. That’s why it’s called: The Universal.


Surrender goes so deep that you actually give up your life and especially that what seems to govern your life: your notions, your understanding. Arrived at ZERO, everything is changed and yet the same.
To surrender, to give yourself to the Universe is to be at ZERO… is to call forth the infinite capacity: The Inexhaustible, The Universal.
The question, the real question every moment is: how can I grow in my capacity, the Infinite? how can I enfold what is already in its fullness within me?
Some say: Realization is everything…. that you walk your talk and that’s true. Nevertheless I say: Capacity is everything.
It’s the source, the Source Energy itself.
So…. how much capacity do you have for Light, the Light Divine? I finally surrender. That’s my capacity: to surrender. To surrender everything to the Magnificent Radiant – The Inexhaustible, the Universal.

Today’s notes on impermanence

The more I notice the impermanence of all things… the more obvious is the eternal peace and changeless reality of the One Seer and Witness, the radical subjectivity of all existence.
That’s Peace to me: it’s my daily awakening to the impermanence of it all.

Liberating myself from all views and notions… moment by moment… I cherish things as they are: the pristine miracle of life – always right here, always right now.

What is thinking through you right now?

Michael Beckwith: “And so… you to ask yourself from time to time: What is thinking through me in this moment? It will keep you wise and sober, and I don’t mean just sober from drugs. I am talking about the sobriety that comes when you share off the dust of the world and its inclinations towards consumerism, materialism, hate, fear, doubt and worry, prejudges… And so when you asking yourself: what is thinking through me, it gives you moment by moment barometer of witnessing what’s flowing through your awareness at that time so that you can ultimately bear witness to the Truth of your Being that makes you Free! – What’s thinking through you in this instant?”

From Agape Service on Michael Beckwith Birthday 21.7.2010

The Promise

Neville Goddard: “One day, without warning, with the most sudden, sudden shockingness, the story of Jesus unfolded itself within me, casting me in the central role. Then I knew He actually gives Himself to me! He is not sharing it. He literally died for me! He ist not pretending that He is I. He literally died. And all that is true of Him. (…)
When the individual has gone through all the experiences of Humanity – good, bad, and indifferent – and he has been tried “furnaces of affliction”, the Lord Jesus Christ – the Fahter of it all – brings him out, awakens him from the dream of life. Then the whole drama unfolds within him. (…)

“if He Who created the Universe and all within it gave it to you, and with the whole vast universe owned by you, you would consider that the greatest gift in the world. And, yet, He gave you something far greater than that. He gave you Himself! God actually became as you are, that you may be as He is. (…)”

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