Alive… Awake… & Inspired

“love yourself and be awake”

Today I found on Twitter (@Phil_B108) a quote from Buddha: “love yourself and be awake, today, tomorrow, always.” I never heard Buddha taking like this… was my first thought. And then, astonished by the uniqueness and freshness of this quote … I began to listen…  listen to my life and this amazing voice, the voice within, saying: “Love yourself and be awake, today, tomorrow, always.”

I never heard before such a kindness and gentleness coming from what I know of as the teachings of Buddha. Perhaps I never heard Buddha before? Really! Now, it feels certainly that way.
Even if I heard something similar from Buddha before, I was – obviously – not accepting it, receiving is AS-IT-IS.

And then suddenly, unexpectedly a question pops up: Can you receive it now?

What a gift! – Just this one question: Can you simply accept now what this voice is offering here?
Saying: Own who you are. Accept yourself. Love yourself and be awake. You are the Buddha, today, tomorrow, always.

Love yourself and be awake. Give yourself this recognition. No one else can see that, no one else can be that, because there is no one else. All there is – is THAT.

Being THAT – “love yourself and be awake, today, tomorrow, always.”

Byron Katie in Action – Episode 2

“What if you died and went to heaven. And when you got to heaven… everything was perfect. There is no sickness there, the is no insecurity there, no poverty there, no suffering there, there is no way to suffer there. But there is one little problem: Everything you believed in, here, you would take with you. Where would you be?… Be back on Earth. Just think about it….  You were right back where you started from!” – Byron Katie at Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, CA. June 6 2010.

The human condition

In the grace of not-knowing… of being everywhere present…. Then… suddenly, you ware a duck, and saw that kind of life you have in such a condition… and in the next moment you were a starving child in Africa… and saw that kind of life… and the conditions you have there, living in a body that is undernourished & starving… with all those thoughts that rise in your head from living under such conditions… and in the next moment you were a manager in Singapore exploiting entire countries… putting thousands & thousands of people in even deeper poverty and devastation by earning your millions without any concern for those people whatsoever… (like shown in the movie “Let’s make money”) …being simply proud of you of having made all those millions in profits… and then you would return back into your own human condition, shocked by the degree of ignorance that comes from identifying yourself with it! And then… suddenly you would realize: Who Am I? …really? Am I not all of it… and everything on this Earth right now? Who am I as human being… and what is this human condition… so deeply ignorant and confused?