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In truth… What are all our troubles anyway?

Going through all the wonderful tweets that I am receiving… there was one, that particularly caught my attention:
“What is your trouble?  –  Mistaken identity. ~Wei Wu Wei

What an answer!  …put bluntly and – what astonished me the most – in just two words:
Mistaken Identity! – Isn’t that anyway, what all our troubles are really about?
Isn’t that exactly same process, Katie speaks about? (see my previous blog post, below)

I attach… believe.. or assume to be true, whatever I am thinking and…
instantaneously I am lost…  lost in a mistaken Identity!
And sometimes – actually most of the time – it happens in a split second.
That’s what astonishes me the most: how fast that goes.
How fast do we die for our mistaken Identities!

“We are born and die in thoughts only.” – Byron Katie

“…it was important enough to die for”

This is so powerful… a priceless jewel of wisdom… timeless wisdom of self-inquiry. I found it recently in a newsletter of Byron Katie… and went with this for days… astonished. Here is it:

“What was the thought or assumption that brought you back into the dream world? Find it, identify and question it. It was important enough to die for at the time. You attached, believed, assumed to be true whatever you were thinking, and you lost the only life you have ever really loved.” – Byron Katie